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Fedor Emelianenko Highlight Video

Any article that has Fedor as a subject is usually followed by numerous comments talking about how he is either one of the greats, or has had a career thriving on cans. Fedor probably doesn’t much care about these online disagreements. I’m sure he is appreciative of supporters, but his main drive has always been for his country, family, and his religion.

For those that may say Fedor was exposed as a fraud in his recent losses, I’d have to disagree. In his loss to Werdum he seemed to be overexcited to jump into Werdum’s guard. When Werdum locked in the triangle Fedor did the right things to try and escape and held on until his head turned purple. This recklessness was something he seemed to harness in his fight with Jeff Monson.

In his loss to “Big Foot” Silva, Fedor was found trapped under a much bigger man. Though clear that “Big Foot” was getting the better of the fight Fedor never surrendered. When he could no longer see out of his eye the fight was stopped, but Fedor was standing ready for the third round.

While facing Dan Henderson Fedor again came out aggressive. He unfortunately felt Henderson’s fight hand in the form of an uppercut and dropped.

These losses each showed how anything can happen in a fight and Fedor defied these odds in thirty-one matches prior. Some will say since he has never fought in the UFC that none of this matters, but I simply don’t see how a promotion can discredit a record.

Below is a highlight video that I have always enjoyed. The music is by 65daysofstatic and the song is called “Radio Protector.”

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