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Stand Up!

Backyard training

Though I’m mildly ashamed to admit to following a show on MTV, I can’t deny that I have continued to watch Caged. I’m another victim of mindless, trashy television. But it does air on Monday nights and I’m not sure there’s much else to be done on a Monday Night.

So this week we see Wes (mentioned a few weeks ago) being overweight by six pounds. He said he could have sworn he had lost eight pounds the night before. He does manage to drop the weight wearing a trash bag on the treadmill, but I was surprised he had this problem in the first place considering we never saw any footage of him training in the gym. Oh, there was one clip of him sparring with someone in an open field

There was a study group happening in my apartment so I couldn’t entirely make out his dialogue but I believe he said something about being proud of his lack of training and being able to get in the ring and still “do his thing.”

More on him “doing his thing” and something that deeply bothered me after the jump…


Whenever any of the guys fight that are a focus of the show I always pull for them to lose. I guess that’s what makes the show fun for me.

So Wes’ big game plan seemed to be to stand straight up and wing haymakers. Now maybe this would have worked if the other guy didn’t just change levels and go for a takedown.

The entire fight is not shown and instead we see clips along with shots of the crowd. It seems like a lot of the fight was spent on the ground with Wes’ opponent in top control. Fans that were there to see Wes began to chant “stand up! stand up!” I don’t think them shouting was an encouragement for Wes to get to his feet, (it didn’t seem like he could) but instead these shouts were aimed at the referee.

What these people did not understand was that there was a fight taking place, even if it was on the ground. The kid on top was punching Wes in the face and working to pass guard. Though these fans may have been frustrated they were watching a mixed martial arts fight.

These chants also showed up as subtitles. I understand that someone watching the show may not particular care about the sport and is simply interested in what MTV offers, but I think this gives the ground game a bad name. Wes lost by unanimous decision.

As far as me picking on Wes and this scene, I do understand that shows can be edited any which way the producers see fit.

Steven Gadman actually informed me that Dustin Poirier who fought this past Saturday and had a phenomenal finish is from the same area as the guys who fight on Caged.

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