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The Battle to Legalize MMA in New York

Sadly New York is one of the few states where mixed martial arts events are illegal. New York legislators apparently are looking to send a message to young people that the “brutality of the sport has no place in a civilized society.”

I’m finding it difficult to put my frustration with this statement into words. I think for some the sight of two men locked in a cage is unsettling, but this is where education is needed.

Ignorance is truly what is keeping New York from housing MMA. The issue now is that because at one point there was a “rational” for banning the sport there is still a basis to have it banned. This is simply insane.

I had to write an op-ed piece for a journalism course last fall and am going to include a few excerpts.


“Studies show that 40% of former boxers have symptoms of chronic brain injury. This is a result of fighters being dropped from punches and then given a ten second count to stand back up. In MMA, if a fighter goes down from punches, the fight is stopped.

129 boxers have died in American rings since 1960. Mixed martial arts has not had the same history as boxing, but there have only been three deaths in seventeen years of American  MMA.

55,000 Americans were sent to the emergency room in 2009 for head injuries sustained in football and hockey. Bare knuckle brawls happen all the time in hockey, and they are celebrated by fans. And in football fans are always waiting for that big tackle of the opposing team’s quarterback.

In the number one MMA promotion in the world, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), injuries are taken very seriously If a fighter injures his hand in a match, he must wait to be cleared by doctors before he can fight again. If a fighter suffers a knockout then he is not even allowed to spar for up to three months.

Fighter safety is a number one concern in MMA organizations. Viewers are quick to dismiss the legitimacy of a sport where two men are locked in a cage.

Looks can be deceiving.”

My point is that these other sports don’t seem to have the same negative press that MMA receives. Hopefully we see the legalization of MMA in all states soon.

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