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Another Perspective on Diaz vs. Condit

(This is a guest post by Jon Pellegrini.)

Diaz vs. Condit

I’m a fan of Carlos Condit. Let’s just get that out of the way now. The man won me over with his epic last minute victory over Rory MacDonald at UFC 115. It may sound like a cliché, but in today’s age of “lay and pray” fighters, Condit truly is a fighter that comes to fight. But what exactly does that mean?

To me, it means that he comes into his fights prepared to do anything he can to finish his opponents. His record stands as a testament to this mentality. At 28-5, only two of Condit’s victories have come by way of decision. Of course as we all know by now, he won one of those decisions the other night at UFC 143 in his highly controversial bout with Nick Diaz.

For many of the same reasons I always tune in to watch Condit fight, I’m also drawn to Nick Diaz. Over the years he has put on some very exciting fights (many of them ending by knockout or submission) and his perpetual “gameness” really is a spectacle. This “gameness” is a trait that both Condit and Diaz share; so needless to say like most fans I had been eagerly awaiting this fight for weeks. As Steve Walsh wrote earlier though, high expectations can be a dangerous thing.

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I ended up driving home Saturday night disappointed after watching the five round affair. Was it because the fight didn’t end with a spectacular finish? Absolutely not. Some of my favorite fights of all time have gone to decision. I had to ask myself, “Why then did I find this fight such a let down?” The answer is in how Condit performed.

Yes, it is true that he engaged in a very smart strategy. It is also true that he used some techniques so well that it is hard to remember any other fighter recently doing the same. As an amateur boxer myself, I fully recognize the importance of footwork and angles. Carlos Condit displayed great use of both of these things on Saturday night.  The problem is these are not the things that made me a fan of Carlos Condit. His killer instinct and ability to end fights are what made me a fan. And while Diaz is notoriously difficult to finish, there were a couple of times where Condit landed pretty flush head kicks and did not follow up on them. Instead, he seemed content to back pedal and throw leg kicks with the occasional punch mixed in.

I have to say I feel almost betrayed, especially after hearing all the nonsense Condit spewed on the Primetime special about how he was coming to finish Nick Diaz. Diaz, for his part could (and should) have adapted to Condit’s game plan, but at least he was backing up his words and attempting to bring the fight to Condit. I honestly can’t say if I will tune in to watch Carlos’ next fight. Hopefully he will return to his old ways against a less dangerous opponent than Diaz.

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