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A Look at Last Nights Main Event

Condit and Diaz

I was surprised looking at Bloodyelbow today and seeing the many comments about last nights main event being boring. The people were outraged. I didn’t feel the disappointment that many others seemed to feel last night, and I thought the main event had plenty of satisfying action.

Now I understand that there were high expectations for a fight between Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit. These expectation of course were created when looking at each of these fighters past few performances. Condit had quickly disposed of both Dong Hyun Kim with a flying knee and Dan Hardy with a left hook. Diaz put a beating on B.J. Penn that sent him into retirement and was in an absolute brawl with power puncher Paul Daley.

But expectations can be dangerous. Expectations can easily lead to disappointment. Bringing a fighters past accomplishments into the cage with them may not lead to the results you want because every fight is an entirely unique situation.

Now a look at the fight after the jump…


The thrill I found in this fight was not knowing who was winning. Maybe upon future viewings I’ll see Condit as being a clearer winner, but live I felt it was a toss up.

Condit showed more variety in his strikes with spinning elbows, flying knees, and kicks to the legs and body. Diaz really just struck to using his hands and mixed in the occasional round house. Diaz only put Condit against the cage once and began to unleash his signature punches in volume.

Diaz seemed to be having a hard time finding his range and as mentioned prior to the fight Condit was the tallest opponent Diaz had ever faced. There had been a lot of talk pre-fight about Diaz’s amazing cardio but Condit didn’t seem to have a problem matching it.

People are talking about how Condit was doing a lot of running but I didn’t see it like that. I think he was simply working angles and keeping the distance that allowed him to use leg kicks. There were a few times where he turned his back so I could understand minor complaints.

You’ve got the love Diaz’s in cage antics. In round two he actually slapped Condit after waving his hands telling Condit to hit him.

After Condit was announced the winner I did not expect Diaz to say he was going to retire. He post-fight speech was childish, but that is part of his personality. He said that he was not going to consider this fight a loss and he didn’t understand how he could lose when he was always moving forward. Pressing the action only can count for so much when the person you are backing up is still tagging you.

Diaz went on to say that had he felt he was losing in the fifth he would have gone for an armlock while he had Condit’s back. I understand his frustration but it just sounded like excuses.

In his preview for this fight Steven Gadman said how Diaz should bring this fight to the ground. In the fifth round Diaz dragged Condit to the ground and quickly locked in a body triangle. I was surprised to see him go for Condit’s arm instead of going for the rear naked. When he finally did get a hold of Condit’s arm Condit slid out.

I was disappointed that Diaz did not win. I’m sure the UFC shares this feeling as well. Had Diaz won I’m sure we would have seen another Primetime show with George St. Pierre.

Sadly the fight game just doesn’t always care what you want.

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