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Roy Nelson vs. Fabricio Werdum

Neslon and Werdum at the weigh-ins

In tonight’s co-main event we have Roy “Big Country” Nelson taking on Fabricio Werdum. For both of these men this match may be considered a fight for redemption. In Nelson’s case he had an incredibly lackluster performance against Frank Mir at UFC 137, (though he was cited as having walking pneumonia) and though he did take out Mirko Cro Cop at UFC 137; these days that isn’t considered a huge feat.

For Werdum this marks his return to the UFC after getting knocked out by Junior Dos Santos at UFC 90. His last fight against Alistair Overeem this past June didn’t excite too many viewers. Much of the fight was spent with Werdum on his back begging Overeem to jump into his guard.

Analysis after the jump…


Both men are highly regarded in the jiu-jitsu world but Nelson has not had a submission win since July 2006, and Werdum’s last submission came against the unbeaten Fedor Emelianenko. When Nelson brings fights to the ground he more looks to simply control his opponent and throw some ground and pound. I think Werdum is the slicker of the two on the mats as shown in his fight with Emelianenko. Werdum went for an arm bar which Fedor avoided but Werdum quickly threw his legs up for a triangle. Nelson’s most celebrated move is the mounted crucifix that helped carry him through season ten of The Ultimate Fighter.

Werdum does possess decent striking and actually managed to tag the K-1 striker that is Alistair Overeem plenty of times in their bout. He also dropped Antonio Silva late in their fight. Nelson on the other hand has shown that he can take a massive beating and still press on as shown in his fight against Junior Dos Santos.

Though I think Werdum is the better all around fighter, I just feel like Nelson is going to be able to land that big overhand right and will walk away with a TKO victory.

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