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Carlos Condit vs. Nick Diaz

Diaz and Condit at the pre-fight press conference

When it was announced that GSP was injured and his fight against Nick Diaz was cancelled, I was kinda disappointed — for like thirty seconds. Dana White would turn around and announce that Nick Diaz would now be taking on Carlos Condit, in a fight that is much more interesting.

Lately Condit has looked on another level, and really has been living up to the nickname of “The Natural Born Killer.” Condit will have to be on the top of his game to beat Diaz. In his last fight, Diaz came back from losing the first round to B.J. Penn and completely destroyed him in the second and third round. I have never seen B.J. that beat up before.

I think that Diaz should bring this fight to the ground and use his sick BJJ to submit Condit. I am not saying that Condit has better stand up than Diaz — Diaz has some of the best boxing in MMA — it is just that Condit has that one punch KO power to end the fight, which I don’t think Diaz has. Saying all that, I don’t think Diaz is going to try to take it to the ground, and I am making a bold pick in saying that Condit wins by TKO in the third or fourth round.

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