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What’s the Point of Interim Belts?

The winner of Saturday’s main event between Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit will be crowned the welterweight interim champion. Does this actually mean anything? I’m sure this excites some viewers, but I know this isn’t something that I care about. The purpose of the interim belt is to act as a placeholder for when a champion will be out of action for an extended period of time. I think it is simply a business move to hype up a fight, along with hyping up a bout with the champion down the line.

The promo for UFC 143 claims that this Saturday there will be a new welterweight champion for the first time in five years. I think that is a little misleading.

Over at MMAMania George St. Pierre was quoted as saying “The winner of this fight will have to beat me to become the true world champion, and I will have to beat the winner of this fight in order to call myself the best in the world again.”

Wouldn’t this be the case for anyone St. Pierre would face? Just because there’s another belt being awarded to someone in the division this should not take away from the belt St. Pierre earned. Instead of hyping up this interim belt the UFC should instead just push the idea of the new number one contender. That title actually means something.

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