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UFC Primetime: Diaz vs. Condit

One of the few perks of the college I attend is having HBO, which means I’ve been able to watch the build-up shows that they do for upcoming boxing matches. I’ve always liked how in-depth the series gets into the personal lives of the fighters — extending beyond simply watching them punch bags and lift weights.

Sometimes the countdown shows that the UFC does lack a little in the personal department, but I understand that examining three fights in a hour will make things rushed. This is why I think the primetime shows that take place over three weeks provide this personal touch.

This primetime focuses on Saturday’s main event featuring Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit. The second episode that aired this past Friday got me excited for a fight that potentially may not even happen. If you haven’t seen it yet and want to, then you may want to stop reading as I’ll be discussing the end of the episode.


About sixteen and a half minutes in we see a scene from the pre-fight press conference for UFC 137 that was suppose to have George St. Pierre and Nick Diaz as the main event. Nick Diaz failed to show up to this conference and lost his title fight. As we know George injured himself and Diaz ended up in the main event with B.J Penn. After Diaz put a beating on Penn he shouted “where you at George?” He proceeded to say that George was not injured but instead was scared.

The primetime then begins to focus on George rehabilitating his knee and discussing his thoughts on Diaz. He thinks that the way Diaz acts is all an act. Honestly, I don’t think Diaz is acting. I think he is uncomfortable with the spotlight and just doesn’t know how to conduct himself. George tells us that he probably has had more street fights than Diaz, and that no one knows where he has come from. The camera zooms in as George talks about how dark things can get in his head. George says that he prays Diaz wins because Diaz is not a true martial artist and he wants to put a beating on Diaz.

What I found interesting about all of this was a show that is labeled “Diaz vs. Condit” turned into a build up for a fight with Diaz taking on St. Pierre. The UFC has now made it very clear that they want Diaz to win this Saturday. I would like to see this fight too, but I think this is a little disrespectful to Condit. But as of mentioned in previous post the UFC is not always about fair, instead they are looking out for their business.

There was a pretty cool training montage at the the end of the episode with Diaz/Condit/St. Pierre that left me hoping we get to to see fights between all of them.

You can see the second episode in a fanpost that someone created at Bloodyelbow.

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