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Title Shots All Set Up After Saturday’s FOX Fights

A match long in the making

I really enjoyed Fox doing away with the gladiator intro and the production that went into the main card. The analysis in-between fights with Randy Couture and Jon Jones was a nice touch for potential new viewers. My only complaint is I can’t understand how three fights took two hours and fifteen minutes. There was a lot of down time in-between fights and I think they could have shown some prelims.

When Rashad Evans and Phil Davis began fighting I remember thinking, “wow Phil Davis has some big shoulders.” I liked Davis’ use of leg kicks, but those seemed to disappear as the rounds went on. Though Davis was the better wrestler on paper it seems that Evans is the better MMA wrestler. I thought the fight was going to be over at the end of round one when Rashad put Davis in a crucifix.

As the fight went on it just seemed like Rashad was a different level of athlete than Davis. This was a big jump in competition for Davis and I expect to see a lot of growth from him in future fights. It didn’t seem like he was always using his full length when throwing his punches, and he seemed overwhelmed with the speed of Rashad’s strikes. Despite eating some shots Davis still had strength in his grappling in the later rounds. Maybe we’ll see him fight the loser of Rampage Jackson/Ryan Bader at UFC 144.

Rashad is now fighting Jon Jones on April 21st. I’ll be sure to talk more about this fight as it gets closer, but I still don’t see Rashad beating Jones.

More on the other two fights after the jump…


The re-match we've all been waiting for

I didn’t think Chael Sonnen looked like the same guy who fought Anderson Silva. I actually thought Bisping was going to get the decision nod, and I don’t think Chael should have taken a unanimous decision. Bisping actually put Chael’s back against the cage for substantial time and got up quick when taken down. Chael did have a big third round, taking Bisping’s back and mounting him. It was certainly a close fight. Now we get to hear Sonnen begin spitting fire at Silva and the chants of Brazilians shouting for his death. Maybe Bisping can welcome Munoz back from his surgery? I think if Bisping had faced Maia as planed he would have walked away with a TKO victory.

As the fight with Damien Maia and Chris Weidman progressed it became really sloppy. As Mike Goldberg mentioned about a zillion times Weidman took this fight on eleven days notice. Though he is a wrestler I was surprised to see Weidman go for the takedowns. Hell, he almost had a  guillotine at the end of round one. I know Maia is new to the striking game, but I would think working with Wanderlei SIlva would leave Maia throwing more than just a cross with hardly any setup. I don’t think we’ll see Maia on a main card again for a little — maybe some Fuel prelims. Maybe we’ll see Weidman take on Rousimar Palhares or Alan Belcher.

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