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Chael Sonnen vs. Michael Bisping in Tonight’s Co-Main Event

Sonnen and Bisping at the Weigh-ins

I’m not someone who cares much for pre-fight antics or trash talk from fighters. Sure, it may spice things up a little, but words don’t mean much once locked in the ring. I can’t help but think of Rashad Evans’ attempts at smack talking with Quinton “Rampage” Jackson by calling him quitin. But there is just something about the things Chael Sonnen says that I can’t get enough of. Just look at some of these recent interviews where he is holding a belt saying that he is the rightful champion. He makes claims that he is a gangster from Oregon, and that where he comes from if you punch somone for twenty-four minutes and they wrap their legs around your head in the last minute they are not a winner. He is certainly a polarizing figure, and people will tune in to either watch him win or take a beating.

The same can be said for his opponent tonight Michael Bisping. Most people dislike Bisping, and most anytime an article is written about him someone leaves a comment with the gif of Dan Henderson viciously knocking him out at UFC 100. When Bisping signed up to be an opposing coach against Henderson on season nine of The Ultimate Fighter he basically signed away any chance of anyone cheering for him in the states. Lets face it, Dan Henderson is the man.

So with a title shot on the line which of these men will take home the victory?


I’ll always remember Sonnen’s fight with Nate Marquardt. Sonnen had pretty much been written off and there was discussion about Marquardt’s rematch with Anderson Silva. For fifteen minutes Sonnen brought the fight to Marquardt. Sonnen ate some serious shots that left him bloody and he found himself in what appeared to be a very tight guillotine, and yet he continued the pressure.

This is the same type of aggression he brought into the octagon against Anderson Silva. Now there was talk from Silva about an injured rib, but I don’t think this should take away form the fact that Sonnen was tagging him. Chael also took some shots to the chin and like his fight with Marquardt continued pushing forward. And he wasn’t simply throwing jabs and crosses either; as this article points out he was mixing in some casting punches. I also must include this backflip Sonnen did when Silva grabbed his foot. I think the guy deserves some credit for being creative.

In his most recent fight at UFC 136 Sonnen absolutely manhandled Brian Stann and pulled off an arm triangle.

Bisping knows how to work angles to get in and get out. He looks to throw three or four punches and generally each of his shots find their mark. People have been using his fight at UFC 78 against Rashad Evans as a talking about Bisping’s ability to get back to his feet after being taken down.

Before Miller completely gassed out in his fight with Bisping in December he managed to take Bisping down, and ended up in a dominant position with Bisping’s legs tied up.

I just think Chael is another level of wrestler than Bisping has faced in the past. And once Chael takes you down he is constantly hitting you. At one point in the Silva fight I remember Sonnen simply slapping Silvas ears. Not everything Sonnen does on the ground is necessarily devasting, but he lets you know you’re in a fight.

I really don’t expect Bisping to hurt Sonnen on the feet and I don’t see him subbing Sonnen on the ground. I can only hope by now that Sonnen has done some serious work on his triangle submission defense.

I think Sonnen will walk away with a decision win, though I’d like to see a TKO finish.

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