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Thoughts on UFC Undisputed 3 Demo

Silva owning Okami just like UFC 134

Other than being a MMA fan, I love video games. I am hoping to give you guys a full review of the new UFC game when it comes out in February, but for now here are my thoughts of the demo.

You have access to both the UFC mode and the brand new Pride mode. You get to choose between Jon Jones or Anderson Silva in the UFC mode, and Rampage Jackson or Wanderlei Silva in the Pride mode. I would first like to say that Jones is crazy in this game. Every time I get a clinch when playing as him, I can easily toss Anderson to the ground. Jones also can get his opponent into the crucifix position, so he can rain down some vicious elbows. Anderson is also very powerful at light heavyweight, but I am very interested in using him at his natural weight. He seems kinda slow, but I think the game developers did this on purpose to make the lighter weight classes seem faster.

My favorite part of the demo is the Pride mode. I am not really a big fan of soccer kicks and stomps in real life, but they are so much fun to pull off in the game. I don’t really like playing as Rampage due to his lack of powerful kicks, so I have spent most of my time playing as Wandy. He is everything you want in a Pride version of Wandy; powerful knees and great standup. He looks like the old version of Wandy too, not the new one that went under the knife to fix up his face. I also love the attention to detail in the Pride mode — from Rampage’s USA flag trunks to the screaming lady introducing you as you come down the ring. This game is due out on February 14, and hopefully I wll have a full review by the end of February.

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