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Fedor Emelianenko vs. Bobby Lashley

"The Last Emperor"

It was announced today that “The Last Emperor” Fedor Emelianenko is fighting Bobby Lashley sometime in 2012. I just don’t understand why this fight is happening. After back to back losses Fedor announced he wanted to retire, and I think that may have been a respectable decision.

Now Fedor has been reduced to fighting heavyweight scraps. I don’t mean to completely discredit Lashley but he is no where near being a top twenty-five heavyweight. Despite three losses in a row, followed by a few wins over sub-par fighters, Fedor still sits near being a top ten heavyweight.

So again what’s going on here?

Well, there just isn’t anyone for Fedor to fight outside of the UFC. I would like to think that Fedor still has a passion for fighting, but it’s tough not to think that his management is trying to get all they can from his name.

After his loss to Dan Henderson Fedor appeared to be a little timid against Jeff Monson, though it could have also been described as controlled compared to his usual guns blazing style. He stuffed takedowns and fired shots that sent Monson tumbling. He also utilized leg kicks. He was picking his shots with patience.

Fedor showed a little more aggression in his New Years fight against Satoshi Ishii, and this time his right hand finished the match.

I do think both of these fights are examples of Fedor looking to evolve. I suppose there’s a hope that if he puts together a decent winning streak that a deal can be reached with the UFC. I can’t imagine Dana White ever changing his mind after Fedor’s management played hardball the last time they negotiated.

As always anything can happen in a fight, but I can’t picture Lashley beating Fedor. After this I can’t imagine who Fedor would fight next — maybe Tim Sylvia can get a rematch…

UPDATE: Apparently this fight was just a rumor and as of now is being dismissed.

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