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Overview of Saturday’s FOX Card

Watch out Anderson, Chael is coming

This Saturday’s second card on Fox should also make for another entertaining night. At a brief glance I’m going to look at some of the story lines that will emerge in the aftermath.

The bout I’m most looking forward to is Chael Sonnen facing Michael Bisping. Dana White has said that this is a number one contenders bout, but the focus seems to be on Chael Sonnen re-matching Anderson Silva at a stadium in Brazil. I don’t think it is fair to completely overlook Bisping, but like many others I am certainly more interested in hearing more of Sonnen’s antics leading up to his second encounter with Silva. Sonnen has said many wonderful things, like how he plans on making Silva’s wife cook him a nice Brazilian steak while he pats her on the bottom. I also can’t imagine how insane the crowd will go when Sonnen makes his entrance. I’m pretty sure most of Brazil wants Sonnen dead.

A small part of me is interested in seeing Bisping murdered by Silva and I have no doubts that is what would happen. I know it’s not fair to bring this up but Bisping got caught by a plodding Dan Henderson, so how on earth would he survive against Silva. Sonnen opened up as a huge favorite on the betting lines which I believe to be the correct call.

Rashad Evans is being promised a shot at Jon Jones should he get past Phil Davis, but Phil Davis isn’t guaranteed a title shot should he win. Seems a tad unfair but the UFC isn’t about being fair, it’s about running a business. I expect Evans to win and I’m hoping he does because the build up to his fight with Jones should be very entertaining. I don’t expect Rashad to beat Jones. I feel like I’d say that about most anyone challenging for the light heavyweight title.

With Munoz getting injured and the card having to be reshuffled (for the better) I was hoping Damien Maia’s new opponent would be Rousimar Palhares. I think that would have been an incredible ground battle that would have left Palhares the winner, and thus putting him “in the mix” for the title. I guess Palahres was offered the fight but turned it down which leaves us with Maia facing Chris Weidman. Regardless of what happens this is a win-win situation for Weirdman. Stepping in on short notice will leave him in good graces with the UFC and if he loses it is against a high caliber opponent that will leave Weidman knowing what he has to work on.

I expect Maia to win this. His stand up is ever improving and of course his ground game is world class. I think a win here would have Maia finally facing Alan Belcher or maybe a re-match with Munoz after he recovers from surgery. I don’t think Maia is too far removed from a title shot.

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