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Miller's fight ending submission

Another great night of fights from top to bottom. I can only hope this trend continues throughout the rest of 2012.

Prior to the main event I jokingly told Steven that the integrity of this blog hinged on Miller getting a submission.

Guillard came out with some flying knees before landing a left hand that sent Miller to the ground. He was definitely rocked and I was a little nervous, but man is he tough. Miller kept his wits about him enough to try and clinch with Guillard and keep himself close so as not to leave himself exposed for more blows. When they separated Guillard continued to throw jumping knees and high kicks to the head, but Miller always kept his hands close and stayed composed.

As Guillard threw another flying knee Miller caught him and threw him to the ground. Guillard gave up his back and managed to stand up, but Miller jumped on him and Guillard was in an all too familiar situation. Miller sunk in the rear naked and Steven and I high-fived.

Josh Neer has a serious chin. Early in round one he dropped to a knee after a punch from Duane Ludwig. Like Jim Miller, Neer got in close and grabbed a body lock pushing Ludwig against the fence. Neer took some knees to the body and face but continued to push forward. Neer was starting to get picked apart on the feet, so he went in and grabbed a single and took the fight to the ground. It didn’t take long before he sunk in a guillotine that put Ludiwg to sleep. Neer showed he has the ability to adapt and bring the fight where he needs to for an advantage.

The two remaining bouts after the jump…


I had never seen either Mike Easton or Jared Papazian fight before but was impressed with the full fifteen minutes of getting hit that each endured. They both met in the center of the ring, locked in a collar tie, and began pounding each other in a way that my friend Jon pointed out was reminiscent of Don Fryre’s fight with Yoshihiro Takayama. Both men were active in the clinch with knee and elbows. The round ended just like it had started with both men throwing flurries.

Round two saw a lot of the same as round one. This time both men threw some spinning back kicks. Easten actually had a take down where he ended up in half guard but Papazian was only on his back for fifteen seconds or so. At the end of the round Papazian tried for his own take down but Easten stuffed it and took Papazian down.

I’d say the big story from round three is these guys having some deep gas tanks. Papazian came out with the same aggression that he did in round one.  Though Easton ended up taking the decision Papazian should be pretty happy with his debut fight.

The night kicked off with Pat Barry and Christian Morecraft. A lot had been written this week about Pat Barry still having a job if he lost again (I think he would have) but we don’t have to worry about that.

Morecraft caught one of Barry’s kicks and put him on his back. Barry ended up on his side with Morecraft on top of him. Morecraft wrapped an arm around Barry’s head and I wasn’t sure Barry would be escaping. He did work his way out and slipped out the back door taking the fight back to the feet.

Barry didn’t seem to be afraid to throw his signature leg kicks, which shows a new confidence in his wrestling abilities courtesy of working at Deathclutch.

Barry ended up back on the ground with Morecraft in mount, but Barry quickly turned to his back where Morecraft ended up grabbing what looked like a pretty deep armbar. Barry worked his way out of it and the fight was back on the feet. Barry unleashed a monster right hand that left Morecraft helpless on his back. Two more blows sealed the deal and now Barry seems like a new fighter.

Jon pointed out how not too long ago Barry wouldn’t have survived those submission attempts and how we had witnessed evolution.

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