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My Favorite Kenny Florian Moment

Kenny "Ken Flo" Florian

One of the first times I watched MMA was The Ultimate Fighter 3 Finale, in which the main event was Sam Stout vs. Kenny Florian. I didn’t know that much about the sport at the time, so when my brother asked me to watch some guy from Boston fight I was on the fence. Seeing a guy from your home state fight on a big stage like that caught my interest. After a minute and forty-five seconds Stout was tapping out by a rear naked choke and I was hooked, and after that night I never missed a Kenny Florian fight.

Last week I was doing my normal looking at MMA news sites to find out the latest news when I found out that Kenny might have to retire due to back problems. My heart stopped. Even though this isn’t his final decision, I figured I would tell you my favorite moment in the great career of Kenny Florian.

See my favorite moment after the jump.


This may seem like a strange pick, but my favorite Kenny moment is his fight against Alvin Robinson at UFC 73: Stacked. This fight made a pretty awful card a whole lot better. When the first three fights went the distance, Kenny vs. Robinson was pushed to go on after the main event which saw Anderson Silva defend his belt against Nate Marquardt. One of the three fights to go the distance was the lightweight champion Sean Sherk against Hermes Franca. Sherks (known as a fighter who doesn’t finish fights and isn’t that exciting) last opponent was Kenny who lost by unanimous decision. After Kenny ran though Alvin—defeating him by submission from strikes—he got the mic from Joe and gave one of my favorite post fight speeches.

“Who wants to see fights finished in the 155 pound division? I finish fights. When I come to fight, I’m going to submit you or try to knock you out. I’m going to do everything possible to win. Finish the fight, that’s what I’m about.”

Still, to this day I get chills hearing that. Kenny has kept to his word; since this fight he has finished five out of seven opponents.  I know I could have picked a moment like when he destroyed Clay Guida, after Guida called him out months before, or his submission of Gomi that help put another nail in Japanese MMA, but I feel this fight defined the type of career Kenny had. I hope I do get to see him fight again, but if I don’t I want to thank you Kenny for all the great moments that I will never forget.

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