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Looking for a Helping Hand

Say it ain't so Mo

Yesterday it was announced that Muhammed Lawal tested positive for steroids after his last bout against Lorenz Larkin. This news comes a few weeks after it was announced that former woman’s featherweight champion Cristiane Santos had tested positive for steroids as well. Lawal has yet to make a statement and Santos claimed she had used some substance to help with weight loss that she thought was legal. Both of these incidents are unfortunate news for the dying promotion that is Strikeforce

The UFC released a statement saying that they will now test fighters for PEDs prior to signing them to the promotion, which seems like a good start to tackling this issue. Some people have said that unless better testing for PEDs is implemented then everyone should just be allowed to use them, so as to even the playing field. I think that’s a little over the top, but I can understand those who train cleanly being frustrated.

I understand the reasons that fighters would look to use steroids to help secure a victory but I don’t understand how they could actually go through with using them. I can’t imagine using steroids and then being able to celebrate when I win. How about having some pride in yourself and trusting the work you’ve put in will get the job done? In a competitive sport like fighting the whole point is seeing whose the better man on that night. Maybe it won’t be you and that’s okay — go back to the drawing board and see where it went wrong. Win and lose with integrity and honesty.

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