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Aldo's violent knees

There was an article on Bloodyelbow last Friday about Jose Aldo potentially becoming a boring fighter. He was compared to turning into the featherweight version of George St. Pierre. Aldo’s fight with Kenny Florian was a little lackluster, but Kenny’s a guy who has only been finished twice in a twenty fight career, so I don’t think Aldo can be completely blamed. Honestly knowing he can endure a five round fight with a veteran like Kenny regardless of the excitement level is a pretty big deal. And I remember his fight with Mark Hominick being fairly exciting — there certainly wasn’t anything boring about watching the lump on Hominick’s head grow. Let’s not forget the other boring decision victory that Aldo had against Uriah Faber where Faber’s leg was left looking the color of that Grimace character from McDonalds.

So what’s the deal with some fighters getting the label of being boring?

In the case of Jose Aldo I think we had been spoiled with some of his past performances. When’s the last time we saw someone land a double flying knee in eight seconds as seen in Aldo’s fight with Cub Swansan, or the beautifully timed upper cut he landed when Manny Gamburyan shot in for a double-leg. Everything Aldo did was the definition of sheer violence.  And now of course there was this past Saturday’s performance against Chad Mendes.

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We as fight fans know the myriad of ways an opponent can be finished. How about Ryo Chonan’s flying heel hook finish of Anderson Silva or Gabrial Gonzaga’s head kick against Mirko “Cro Cop.” There’s Quinton Jacksons’s right hook that that took down Chuck Liddell and Shinya Aoki’s hammerlock finish of Mizuto Hirota that left Hirota with a broken arm. I could continue this list for endless hours, but what I’m getting at is finishes are memorable.

When Steven Gadman and I were watching Aldo fight this past Saturday we both were calling for a flying knee. I think the obvious answer for wanting that type of finish is we wanted to be entertained. We wanted to be wowed and thrilled. Is that wrong of us? Let’s face it life can get pretty mundane, so when I sit down to watch a night of fights I want to watch guys leave it all in the cage. I don’t want to watch guys fight to the judges’ scorecards and simply jab their way to victory or take a guy down and control him from guard round after round.

Now having said that I also understand how trying to perform in the ring does not always go as planned. I understand how easy it is to freeze up or allow yourself to panic. And for guys in the big leagues there’s variables like money and title shots at stake. So maybe when a guy is up on the score cards and just needs to ride out the clock it seems like a good idea to just hold a guy down. Maybe there’s some fear in slipping up and throwing away a victory. I think there’s a lot to this sport that viewers may overlook.

Now this doesn’t mean I’m still not looking for my entertainment, but maybe we all need to try and be a little more understanding.

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