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Making Weight With Bud Light

Mmm Bud Light

Last Monday a new show premiered on MTV called Caged. From this one episode I’ve seen it would appear that MMA will not be the focus of this show, but instead it will be used during advertisements to lure viewers in. Yes, there were fights at the end of the show and we did see some training, but with anything MTV related it is the drama that is vital for viewers to see.

We have a “fighter” with a kid, someone with an alcoholic mom, a dead sister, ex-girlfriends, on and off relationships, etc. Essentially the goods for reality television. Now here’s why I found myself writing this in the first place.

I just read an article on MTV about one of the fighters, Wes, being the “Caged Fighter of the Week.” Wes is the reason I put fighter in quotes above. Here’s a sample from the article…

“Wes went to amazing lengths to make sure he could compete in his big MMA match. Not many people would sit inside a car on a hot day to sweat off the pounds in a sauna suit, but he was determined to slim down so he could compete in his weight class.”

This is the same Wes who was bragging about drinking $100 worth of beer at a party three days prior. This is the same guy who threw up after a practice and said it looked like the food he ate from Chili’s that day. Three days before his fight he tells his friend that he is ten pounds over weight as he is drinking a Bud Light. His friend asked him what he was going to do and Wes laughed as he said he would stick with the Bud Light diet. This guy wants to be a fighter?

Here’s another line that left me baffled and shaking my head.

“Unlike “golden boy” Daniel, Wes didn’t have a lot of money to support his MMA dreams, so the fact that he was able to meet the match requirements was a victory in itself.”

Wait, what? So Wes gets a moral victory for doing his job as a fighter and making weight? He drank $100 worth of beer and he’s going to get all boo hoo about someone being more privileged than he is?

I realize this is MTV and I probably shouldn’t let it get me worked up as this article did. This author probably has no idea what MMA even means.

So far this show has taught me that if you want your fight career to take off there are probably plenty of other “fighters” in Louisiana drinking themselves silly that you can beat up to make a name for yourself.

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