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Belfort vs. Johnson — If It Happens

Belfort and Johnson at the weigh-ins

For my first post at this site I was given the task to write a prediction for the co-main event at UFC 142 — Anthony “Rumble” Johnson vs. Vitor “The Phenom” Belfort. I had it all planned out; I was going to talk about how excited I was to see Johnson make his debut at 185, the weight class I thought he should be fighting in all along. At the weigh-ins though, we found out that for the third time in his UFC career Johnson missed weight, this time weighing in at 197 lbs. I don’t know how he couldn’t make it to 185 when he used to fight at 170. Vitor thankfully agreed to still fight Johnson, but only if on the day of the fight he weighs less than 205.

Will this have an effect on my prediction? Hit the jump to find out.


I feel that Johnson might be able to use his diverse striking to frustrate Belfort. Sure, Belfort has speed on his side, but Johnson has KO power in both hands as well as his feet. One thing I am not really sure about is the fact that Johnson has to weigh in tomorrow at 205. Today he was 197, so I think that not going over 205 in a twenty-four hour span is going to be very tough for him. Who knows how his conditioning is going to be tomorrow night because of all this.

If this fight goes longer than the first round Belfort is going to take it by TKO. Like Joe Rogan has said, “it takes a lot of energy to use that much muscle,” and with Johnson cutting weight on the day of the fight, I think this is his fight to lose. Lastly, I think if Johnson does lose, this is going to be his last fight in the UFC for a while. Dana White does not like it when fighters miss weight. For the record, my original prediction was Johnson by first round TKO.

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