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Aldo vs. Mendes


This Saturday we have our first featherweight main event since the merger with the WEC and I don’t think it’ll disappoint. At a basic view Jose Aldo and Chad Mendes is a battle of a dynamic striker facing a powerful wrestler.

Aldo is able to put together crisp combinations where each stike flows into the next and where every strike lands with bad intentions. My favorite of his is the fake right, into a left hook to the body, with a right leg kick to finish it. Every strike is calculated.

Mendes has some powerful strikes of his own, but he mostly relies on looping punches. He has shown some diversity in his strikes with kicks and flying knees but I think he’ll look to keep it simple with Aldo. I imagine he’ll look to swing a few punches to close the distance before exploding in with his shot.

This is where the fight should get interesting.

I do think at some point the fight will end up on the ground. Mends has a double-leg shot that takes guys off their feet and leaves them looking up at the ceiling. For the most part Mendes looks to grab guys right above their knees and drive right through them. He also enjoys grabbing guys around the waist and throwing them to the ground. So the question becomes how does Aldo react off of his back?



If you simply look at the end of his fight at UFC 129 with Hominick then the response may be not great. One must keep in mind that Aldo ended up on his back after putting a hell of a beating on Hominick, which left Hominick with a gargantuan lump on his head. There was also a video posted much later of Aldo struggling to cut weight. This isn’t to take away from Hominick dominating a round, but they are factors that shouldn’t be ignored.

When Aldo fought Florian at UFC 136 he managed to shrug off quite a few of Florian’s take down attempts, and when he was taken down he quickly got back to his feet. Aldo also showed great balance when bouncing on one leg fighting off a single leg take down from Florian. Of course Florian does not have the wrestling background that Mendes does but we get a good idea of how he reacts to takedowns. Aldo has also shown that he has decent takedowns himself and has no qualms in tagging guys with elbows.

At the end of the night I think Aldo will walk away with a TKO victory and the belt will remain in Brazil.

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