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The Dean of Nothing

"The Dean of Mean" about to be dropped by Rockhold

Strikeforce put on the first card of the year last night, and I thought it was pretty entertaining. I’m going to start by talking about the main event between “The Dean of Mean” Keith Jardine and Luke Rockhold.

Poor Keith Jardine.

I don’t particularly care for him one way or the other but I really didn’t want to see his body crumble under strikes again. I had a feeling that was going to be the inevitable outcome. People always use the word “unorthodox” when talking about Keith, but it looks like he’s been figured out.

He really just holds his arms out like a monkey and paws with his lead hand. He moves like a rusty machine trying to land shots at odd angles. He throw wild looping hooks and keeps his hands low. I’m not sure why these habits haven’t been addressed with a coach like Greg Jackson, but perhaps the old dog can’t learn new tricks. As usually Keith got tagged behind his ear and went down.

I think my favorite moment of the fight was when he taunted Rockhold telling him to bring it, and Rockhold obliged landing a spinning back kick. You shouldn’t ask for punishment like that Keith.

I’m not sure I see him fighting again — what’s left? He tried to revive his career in a new weight class and came up short. He has fought the whose who of MMA and no one can deny that he is a fighter.

I feel sorry for Rockhold who was practically begging during his post-fight interview.to fight top ten competition in the UFC. Guys like him and Melendez must feel trapped.

A few notes about other moments from the card after the jump…


King Mo has some serious ground and pound as demonstrated with his win over Lorenz Larkin. I do think he should reconsider dropping his lead hand to his side and sticking his head out baiting guys to take a swing. One of these times he will get tagged.

The Tyron Woodley fight was horrifically boring. I really don’t even want to watch it again to check the facts but I’m pretty sure he made zero attempt to pass guards. At various points he was simply laying on Mein. One of the times the fight was stood up was when Mein was actually trying to work for a kimura. I’m not sure he was going to pull it off, but he should have been given the chance.

I was highly amused during Dana White’s interview with Mauro Ranallo. Dana made a comment about how he thought Brock was going to win at UFC 141 and Mauro was quick to say that Overeem “a former Strikeforce champ” won. Mauro must know that his days of having a job are limited and so he has no problem throwing a jab when he can.

Maybe if Strikeforce continues to have a card every other month they’ll survive the year, but there is a serious problem with the depths of the divisions. I think they should just focus on their Challengers cards. This is perhaps a different post entirely.

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