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A Very Overdo Look at UFC 141

Lesnar at the weigh-ins (Joe Rogan making a silly face in back)

So I had taken a little hiatus from writing (which I guess is an obvious statement) and found myself missing it a little after last weeks fights. As mentioned in my last post I am trying to add some authors to this blog, but it has been tough getting everyone together. Fingers crossed for a group meeting prior to UFC 142. I know we’ve all got some good ideas, so I’m hoping they get shared with the internet world.

Since it has been over a week since UFC 141 I won’t say too much, but there are a few things that stick with me.

I was a little bummed to see Vladimir “The Janitor” Matyushenko lose to Alexander Gustafsson. I can’t help but root for a guy named “The Janitor.” Gustafsson is a rising prospect and Matyushenko’s career is winding down.

With the reach advantage Gustafsson had there was not much choice for Matyushenko other than leaping in to land a bomb, which he did a few times. Unfortunately he was tagged with a right and was dropped.

Everyone I was with celebrated when Johny Hendricks knocked out Jon Fitch. The cheers quickly turned to laughter as Fitch wrestled with referee Steve Mazgatti. I’m sure many UFC higher-ups were also smiling. Jon Fitch isn’t going to be talking about how he should have another title shot for awhile.

Co-main and main event fights after the jump…


Cerrone eating a Diaz jab

The Nate Diaz fight with Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone could have easily been a main event fight. I don’t think I’ve ever seen two fighters flip each other off prior to the start of a fight. Diaz landed just about every punch he threw. He mostly relied on his jab and lead hook, but he mixed in some rights and knees for good measure. Cerrone didn’t seem to have an answer for the volume of punches he was being tagged with. He knocked Diaz down with some leg kicks but didn’t jump on him. Whether he was tired or respected Diaz’s ground game too much I’m not sure.

When the fight was over Diaz handed Cerrone his hat which at the time confused me. Later I read that it was because Diaz knocked off Cerrone’s cowboy hat at the pre-fight press conference. Gotta love it.

Now onto the main event of Brock Lesnar and Alistair Overeem. Brock didn’t appear to be comfortable for a single moment during the fight. He was incredibly fidgety and bouncing all over the place. Compare this to Overeem’s small movement pressing forward. Brock grabbed a hold of a single, but Overeem shrugged him off and that was about all Brock did for the night.

After a few knees by Overeem it looked like Brock was going to collapse but he somehow held on. A kick to the liver didn’t register right away, but when Brock’s brain got the signal he dropped and was swarmed with punches before the fight was stopped. Brock retired and appeared to be holding back tears.

There has already been much written on this subject but I don’t think Brock’s career should be considered a bust. He did the best he could with the skills he had. He wasn’t eased into the UFC. There were expectations placed on him that perhaps built him up into something he never could be and that is not his fault. He was labeled the “baddest man on the planet” with only two wins.

With the few fights he had he did what he does best — entertain. That is what should be remembered.

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