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UFC Primetime: Diaz vs. Condit

January 31, 2012 Leave a comment

One of the few perks of the college I attend is having HBO, which means I’ve been able to watch the build-up shows that they do for upcoming boxing matches. I’ve always liked how in-depth the series gets into the personal lives of the fighters — extending beyond simply watching them punch bags and lift weights.

Sometimes the countdown shows that the UFC does lack a little in the personal department, but I understand that examining three fights in a hour will make things rushed. This is why I think the primetime shows that take place over three weeks provide this personal touch.

This primetime focuses on Saturday’s main event featuring Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit. The second episode that aired this past Friday got me excited for a fight that potentially may not even happen. If you haven’t seen it yet and want to, then you may want to stop reading as I’ll be discussing the end of the episode.

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The Belief of MMA

January 30, 2012 Leave a comment

I came across this wonderful MMA video on youtube. I love when people put together compilation videos like this and use post-rock as the music in the background. I find it very refreshing compared to the nu-metal that seems to be associated with macho guys who “train UFC.” Who can forget The Ultimate Fighter opening theme song that proclaims “you’re gonna get hit/you’re gonna get knocked out.” Lyrically this cuts me to the core.

Fortunately the use of post-rock and other ambient music seems to be finding its way into more videos. The song used here is “First Breath After Coma” by Explosions in the Sky.

I’ll let you the video speak for itself without me analyzing it, but I will say if you don’t end up feeling some sort of emotion then you clearly have no pulse.

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Title Shots All Set Up After Saturday’s FOX Fights

January 29, 2012 Leave a comment

A match long in the making

I really enjoyed Fox doing away with the gladiator intro and the production that went into the main card. The analysis in-between fights with Randy Couture and Jon Jones was a nice touch for potential new viewers. My only complaint is I can’t understand how three fights took two hours and fifteen minutes. There was a lot of down time in-between fights and I think they could have shown some prelims.

When Rashad Evans and Phil Davis began fighting I remember thinking, “wow Phil Davis has some big shoulders.” I liked Davis’ use of leg kicks, but those seemed to disappear as the rounds went on. Though Davis was the better wrestler on paper it seems that Evans is the better MMA wrestler. I thought the fight was going to be over at the end of round one when Rashad put Davis in a crucifix.

As the fight went on it just seemed like Rashad was a different level of athlete than Davis. This was a big jump in competition for Davis and I expect to see a lot of growth from him in future fights. It didn’t seem like he was always using his full length when throwing his punches, and he seemed overwhelmed with the speed of Rashad’s strikes. Despite eating some shots Davis still had strength in his grappling in the later rounds. Maybe we’ll see him fight the loser of Rampage Jackson/Ryan Bader at UFC 144.

Rashad is now fighting Jon Jones on April 21st. I’ll be sure to talk more about this fight as it gets closer, but I still don’t see Rashad beating Jones.

More on the other two fights after the jump…

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Chael Sonnen vs. Michael Bisping in Tonight’s Co-Main Event

January 28, 2012 Leave a comment

Sonnen and Bisping at the Weigh-ins

I’m not someone who cares much for pre-fight antics or trash talk from fighters. Sure, it may spice things up a little, but words don’t mean much once locked in the ring. I can’t help but think of Rashad Evans’ attempts at smack talking with Quinton “Rampage” Jackson by calling him quitin. But there is just something about the things Chael Sonnen says that I can’t get enough of. Just look at some of these recent interviews where he is holding a belt saying that he is the rightful champion. He makes claims that he is a gangster from Oregon, and that where he comes from if you punch somone for twenty-four minutes and they wrap their legs around your head in the last minute they are not a winner. He is certainly a polarizing figure, and people will tune in to either watch him win or take a beating.

The same can be said for his opponent tonight Michael Bisping. Most people dislike Bisping, and most anytime an article is written about him someone leaves a comment with the gif of Dan Henderson viciously knocking him out at UFC 100. When Bisping signed up to be an opposing coach against Henderson on season nine of The Ultimate Fighter he basically signed away any chance of anyone cheering for him in the states. Lets face it, Dan Henderson is the man.

So with a title shot on the line which of these men will take home the victory?

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Rashad Evans vs. Phil Davis

January 27, 2012 Leave a comment

Evans and Davis at the pre-fight press conference

I have been looking forward to this fight for a long time. In my opinion Phil Davis might have the only chance to beat the powerhouse that is Jonny “Bones” Jones. First he has to get by his toughest fight to date.

Rashad Evans looked incredible against Tito Ortiz in his last fight at UFC 133. He had no problem blitzing Ortiz with his speed and striking. Even though Evans looked great against Ortiz, it was against an old Ortiz who has only one win since October of 2006. The questions that come with this fight are will Evans be able to stop Davis’ takedowns, and will Davis be able to stand and bang with Evans?

My heart wants me to say that Davis is going to be able to win by decision, but I am going to have to say that Evans is going to be able to control where this fight takes place, and either win by third round TKO or decision.

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My First Muay Thai Experience

January 26, 2012 Leave a comment

A Muay Thai Match

I’ve spent my fair share of time in a dojo for karate (once for tae kwon do), rolled around on mats for jiu-jitsu and wrestling, and entered concrete buildings that house boxing rings. Yesterday I had my first muay thai experience. My friend Mike has been going to Sityodtong North Shore in Beverly, Massachusetts for a few months now, and asked me if I’d like to come to a class.

As usual I was nervous entering a new gym and having to meet new people. The class was solely focused on clinch work, which of course is a vital component to a thai match. If you can secure your hands around your opponent’s head then you will be able to control where their body goes, or send a knee into their face.

The class began with what felt like an eternity of jumping rope. I can’t really put into words how awful my ability to jump rope is. I managed to get about ten solid jumps in before the rope got caught on my head. For those of you who also embarrass yourself jumping rope, remember to stay calm and bounce around on your feet, or mix in some high knees. This will hopefully distract onlookers from your dismal jump rope abilities.

We transitioned into shadow boxing where I quickly learned something new. I knew from previous experience that when throwing knees you want to use your hips to drive the knee forward like an arrow. One of the instructors brought to my attention that I want to have my knee titled to the side, with my heel sticking out like I’m about to throw a round house kick. Positioning your leg like that allows the knee to find a home in your opponents body.

Much more on the class after the jump…

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Thoughts on UFC Undisputed 3 Demo

January 25, 2012 Leave a comment

Silva owning Okami just like UFC 134

Other than being a MMA fan, I love video games. I am hoping to give you guys a full review of the new UFC game when it comes out in February, but for now here are my thoughts of the demo.

You have access to both the UFC mode and the brand new Pride mode. You get to choose between Jon Jones or Anderson Silva in the UFC mode, and Rampage Jackson or Wanderlei Silva in the Pride mode. I would first like to say that Jones is crazy in this game. Every time I get a clinch when playing as him, I can easily toss Anderson to the ground. Jones also can get his opponent into the crucifix position, so he can rain down some vicious elbows. Anderson is also very powerful at light heavyweight, but I am very interested in using him at his natural weight. He seems kinda slow, but I think the game developers did this on purpose to make the lighter weight classes seem faster.

My favorite part of the demo is the Pride mode. I am not really a big fan of soccer kicks and stomps in real life, but they are so much fun to pull off in the game. I don’t really like playing as Rampage due to his lack of powerful kicks, so I have spent most of my time playing as Wandy. He is everything you want in a Pride version of Wandy; powerful knees and great standup. He looks like the old version of Wandy too, not the new one that went under the knife to fix up his face. I also love the attention to detail in the Pride mode — from Rampage’s USA flag trunks to the screaming lady introducing you as you come down the ring. This game is due out on February 14, and hopefully I wll have a full review by the end of February.

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