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The Lack of Mayhem

Miller getting hit

Well, this past Saturday’s main event between Michael Bisping and Jason Miller didn’t exactly go how I predicted. Props to Danny Sylvester (who runs this music blog here) for calling for the TKO by Bisping.

Miller did what I called for in round one and worked to close the distance. The two clinched, and eventually Miller got a double-leg take down–controlling Bisping on the ground for a good portion of the round.

I was hopeful.

Unfortunately Miller seemed very tired in round two, and was beginning to get tagged a lot by Bisping, which only added to Miller’s fatigue. The best Miller seemed to be able to offer at this point was raise his hands in a “bring it on” sort of way and smile at Bisping. Though this was amusing, it ended up just being sad watching him get hit over and over.

How’d the fight end?


As the third started it was apparent that Miller was completely gassed. Eventually he simply turtled up on the ground, and after eating some knees and punches to the face the ref had no choice but to stop it.

Bisping landing elbows

It didn’t seem like Bisping’s punches were that hard at the end of the match, but the rules state a fight will be stopped if a fighter is not intelligently defending themselves. Miller probably didn’t have the energy to mount a comeback anyways.

I’m also not sure who advised Miller to continue throwing sloppy overhand rights while putting his head down. I understand it was to close the distance, but how about some simple half jabs? I also understand how different it is actually being in the ring compared to me sitting here at a keyboard.

There is talk that Miller may be cut from the UFC but I think that would be a real shame.

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  1. jsmith14
    December 8, 2011 at 10:57 pm

    Yeah I hope Miller doesn’t get cut…He’s a great personality and seems like he would be a cool guy to hang around with… He should cut his conditioning coach though.

    As far as Bisping goes, in my opinion, the true Michael Bisping came out in the post fight interview. He was humble in victory and respectful towards his opponent. I believe that the arrogant, cocky, and in many instances disrespectful Michael Bisping we saw on The Ultimate Fighter was all scripted for television. I think Dana White and Spike TV producers/writers said someone has to be the bad guy and that role was obviously given to Bisping. I mean, in his first stint with TUF, vs. Dan Henderson, he talked trash a lot but he was never disrespectful to the losing fighters on Henderson’s team. However, on this season, his whole personality changed and he acted like a total *#$@$%& towards Team Miller, to the extent of taunting them after they lost the most important fight of their career. So I’m assuming the reason for this drastic personality change was that the TV producers told him he needed to act like an A$$hole/play the bad guy role in order to get more people watching. So in conclusion, I don’t think Bisping is actually a bad guy, I just think he plays a great villain on TV.

    (And I was rooting for Miller, so its not like I’m a huge Bisping fan. I just don’t like when people boo fighters because generally I think most UFC fighters (Bisping included) are dedicated and respectful individuals.

    • December 9, 2011 at 11:45 am

      Yeah I’m sure a lot of it is him playing a character. Josh Koscheck made a comment once saying he just likes to play the bad guy. And of course as far as TUF goes it is very easy to edit footage to end up with a desired result.

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