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Broken Arms and Broken Hearts

December 11, 2011 Leave a comment

I really love mixed martial arts. Maybe that seems like a silly thing to write given that I chose to start this blog in the first place.

Big Nog looking at his broken arm

I’ve never followed another sport the way I do this one. I’m a bandwagon fan at best of most other sports. I casually follow Boston teams. If any Boston teams make it to the playoffs I’ll tune in. I follow the Patriots on a weekly basis, but I won’t plan my day around them. I honestly couldn’t tell you much about any of the players.

But when there are on fights on I am tuning in with a fevered interest.

The first thing I do when I wake up is check MMA news and that is the same thing I do before I fall asleep.

What truly lures me into the world of MMA I think can be summed up by what took place between Frank Mir and “Minotauro” Nogueira last night.

I love Nogueira for the same reasons many others would say. The man has always been able to take a beating and find a way to pull off some crazy Hail Mary finish. And on top of that he just seems like a really great guy.

When Mir went stumbling after Nog tagged him with a right hand I went nuts. When Mir fell face first to the ground I thought Nog had it for sure. But when Nog tried for the submission and ended up losing position I was slightly worried. Mir grabbed a hold of a kimura, but I thought Nog would somehow survive.

Then his arm was broken. Honestly it broke my heart. Even if Nog wasn’t one of my favorite fighters I still probably would have felt bad for him.

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UFC 140 Delivers

December 11, 2011 2 comments

Four out of five of the fights on last nights main card left me saying “wow” at each of there endings. I’m still left feeling some of the excitement nearly twenty-four hours later; after a night of fantastic fights shared with wonderful friends.

I’m going to try and give a brief overview of the four finishes.

"The Zombie" finishing "The Machine"

Mark “The Machine” Hominick and “The Korean Zombie” Chang Sung Jung began the night. The fight was shorter than the time spent introducing the men. I had my head turned to a friend babbling about something I can’t remember before I heard the commentators shouting that the fight had been finished.

Hominick threw a sloppy, lead left hook before being dropped by a straight-right from Jung. There were eight unanswered punches before the fight was called. Jung is tied for the fastest knockout, which is seven seconds.

Nogueira and Ortiz

Tito “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” Ortiz (though he now wants to be called “The People’s Champ”) came out aggressive against Antonio “Minotouro” Rogerio Nogueira. Ortiz landed some good shots and tried for a takedown. Nogueira landed a left hand that left Ortiz stumbling into the cage. A left knee to the sternum of Ortiz sent him falling to the ground.

For a moment I thought Ortiz may survive as he pulled guard and even attempted a triangle. Nogueira was relentless with his ground and pound and was clearly hungry for a win. He abandoned striking to the head, and began pounding at Ortiz’s ribs. After a few elbows, Ortiz rolled over and the ref called the fight. Ortiz lay curled up on his side.

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A Dominant Champion

December 7, 2011 4 comments

Former champion Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida looks to take back his title from Jon “Bones” Jones this Saturday at UFC 140.

Machida landing a kick

In his first seven fights in the UFC Machida had not lost a single round on the judges scorecards. Until he fought “Shogun” Rua in October 2009 he was viewed as an untouchable fighter. His karate style, fused with flurries of unorthodox strikes overwhelmed most opponents.

This was until “Shogun” brought his brand of ferocious muay thai to the cage. The two fought to a controversial decision, and though Machida won, he left the cage with a bruised body. “Shogun” was granted a rematch seven months later and finished Machida with strikes in the first.

Machida would go on to lose a split decision to “Rampage” Jackson where he appeared tentative. He found himself back in the win column with a jumping front kick to Randy Couture’s face that looked like it came right out of a Karate Kid movie.

I’ve chosen to take some time to highlight Machida’s career because he has seen some adversity and he is looking to find himself back on top.

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The Lack of Mayhem

December 7, 2011 2 comments

Miller getting hit

Well, this past Saturday’s main event between Michael Bisping and Jason Miller didn’t exactly go how I predicted. Props to Danny Sylvester (who runs this music blog here) for calling for the TKO by Bisping.

Miller did what I called for in round one and worked to close the distance. The two clinched, and eventually Miller got a double-leg take down–controlling Bisping on the ground for a good portion of the round.

I was hopeful.

Unfortunately Miller seemed very tired in round two, and was beginning to get tagged a lot by Bisping, which only added to Miller’s fatigue. The best Miller seemed to be able to offer at this point was raise his hands in a “bring it on” sort of way and smile at Bisping. Though this was amusing, it ended up just being sad watching him get hit over and over.

How’d the fight end?

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