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The Axe Murderer Strikes

Wanderlei “The Axe Murderer” Silva was a terrifying man in the former Japanese fighting organization Pride.

The Axe Murderer

In twenty-eight fights he finished seventeen of them, and most of those were knockouts. It was certainly not advised to try and trade punches with this man.

Early in his career he had a few fights with the UFC, but it was not until 2007 where he would return and call the UFC his home.

Unfortunately his performances have not been duplicates of the destruction he caused in Japan. His record stands as three wins and four losses.

One of those wins came this past Saturday against former Strikeforce middleweight champion Cung Le.

How’d he do it?

Silva maintained his distance for most of the first round, which was unlike the violence he was known for.

It was clear his game plan was to keep himself out of reach from Le’s vast array of kicks. Something that still hasn’t changed (and has gotten Silva in trouble in the past) is his wild, looping hooks that he throws from his waist. His punches can end fights in an instant, but he also leaves his chin exposed.

Le eating a punch from Silva

Le tagged Silva with a few spinning back fist and I was a little concerned he might not bounce back, but in the second round Silva threw a flurry of punches that was reminiscent of his older fights, and with a few knees later Le was dropped.

After the fight Silva talked about how he does not fight for money, instead he fights for the love of the sport and for the fans. Prior to every fight he always says that he just wants to put on a good show for his fans.

Some people talk about how it may be time for Silva to retire. He probably won’t be making any runs at the title, but how can you tell someone with so much passion that they have to stop?

Perhaps a question for a later post.


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