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Pride Never Dies

By the end of round three I had slid off the couch and was on my knees shouting at the television. I have no idea what I thought I was doing. Other friends found themselves standing while flailing their arms and shouting as well.

This is the beauty of mixed martial arts.

Henderson and Rua exchanging blows

I’m not sure I can possibly put into words this past Saturday’s main event between Dan Henderson and Mauricio “Shogun” Rua.

As an English writing major I guess finding ways to to put words together and articulate feelings is suppose to be my strong point.  But honestly, unless you watched this fight I’m not sure you’d understand.

Both Henderson and Rua left pieces of themselves in the octagon. Throughout the twenty-five minute battle the commentators talked about “heart” and “warrior spirit” and both attributes were easily made evident.

So what happened in this fight?

Henderson threw his heavy right hand that at various points dropped Rua, but Rua never threw out a white flag. Instead he battled for position, either trying to get to his feet or find a submission.

Rua and Henderson after the fight

Henderson was hit with shots that left him stumbling, and though he was clearly weary he still kept coming forward throwing punches or trying for takedowns.

Many have labeled this one of the greatest fights of all time, and though that may sounds like an exaggeration I’d have to agree.

Henderson walked away with a unanimous decision, but Rua was in no way a loser. This fight will not be forgotten.


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