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Blood Sport?

Two men face each other locked in a cage. They stand on a canvas with blood stains from previous matches.

Fist fly as knuckles try their hardest to rattle internal organs, or turn off the lights upstairs. Audible thumps and cracks are heard with every shot landed.

Sometimes they grimace and sometimes they smile as they are locked in what they may consider a battle for their lives.

Should these men who have signed up to fight each other be considered savages?

Absolutely not.

Dos Santos after winning the title

What stood out to me beyond the knockout this past Saturday night was Junior’s reaction when talking to UFC commentator Joe Rogan.

Rogan asked Junior if winning the belt even felt real and Junior was visibly choked up. He told Rogan that he had no words to describe what he was feeling.

This was not some mindless beast with an unquenchable bloodlust. This was a man who had grown up in poverty in Brazil, and had spent countless hours dedicating himself to his craft.

Though I’ve always enjoyed the thrill of testing my skills against an opponents in the ring, I don’t receive any satisfaction in hurting someone. While sparring at the gym I sometimes find it hard to really go at it and let my hands go.

I don’t go looking for confrontation throughout my day, that’s something I’d rather avoid. Honestly, I’ve got a soft spot for writing fiction about broken hearts.

But when I have an actual match, and there’s an audience to put a show on for, a switch goes off in me and it’s time for war.

Dos Santos with coaches after victory

I do not think most people involve themselves in this sport just to cause harm to another person. Like any other sport there is just a primal urge to compete.

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  1. November 17, 2011 at 6:16 pm

    What gets me is when someone (usually an older person) is against MMA because it’s “too violent”… yet they support boxing. It seems like whatever your opinion is, it should be consistent across the two.

    For example, New York will host boxing events, but MMA is still banned (which I know Dana White is actively fighting). That logic seems messed-up to me.

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